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The importance of regular grooming

*Regular grooming helps your pet's skin stay clean and free of dirt, debris, allergens, parasites, and excess pore-clogging oils.

*It keeps your pet's coat mat free, preventing many skin disorders associated with a matted coat. A matted coat may cause skin infections, dandruff, mold growth, and in severe cases may cause pain while walking or prevent the pet from seeing or even properly going to the bathroom. Neglected coats can also harbor parasites.

*Regular grooming allows your groomer to detect early warning signs of certain health problems and make you aware of them so they can be checked out and if necessary, treated by a veterinarian. In some cases groomers have been known to have saved a pet's life. (Such as when the groomer points out a growth or abnormality the owner has not noticed that has turned out to be cancer.)

*Regular trimming of your pet's nails leads to a healthy musculoskeletal system. Long, un-trimmed nails lead to difficulty in walking and if growth is left unchecked for too long, may actually force a pets toes apart while walking, causing arthritis and pain. Some nails can even grow in such a fashion as to curl back on themselves and pierce a pet's toe, continuing to grow back through the toe's flesh, as seen in the picture above. Having a groomer trim a pet's nails regularly allows the nails to be kept at a healthy length.

*Dogs who are groomed on a regular schedule are much more emotionally stable than dogs who are groomed less often. It becomes a part of their life that they are accustomed to, and they tend to develop an emotional report with their groomer and may even look forward to their spa day. Dogs who are only groomed once or twice a year are not used to the process and it can become something to dread and fear because it's something out of the ordinary and unexpected. 

*If you understand the health benefits of regular grooming and are still unconvinced that's it's worth it, also keep in mind that dogs who are groomed regularly are much less work for a groomer to handle and consequently their grooming fees will be much lower than one who's groom is more labor intensive! ;-)